About Us

Web3 has not penetrated the masses because of the sheer complexity associated at the infra level. rovi.money aims to solve the complexity associated with Web3 and make it super simple for normie down the road.

"ROVI.money is the first FUN wallet which is super secure and easy to use."

ROVI.money is an MPC (multi-party computation) wallet where one part of the key stays with Google and the other part of the key is with the user in the form of Key. Unless both the parts of keys are combined the wallet information can't be accessed. This makes rovi.money wallet super secure however super easy to manage for users.

The FUN element comes from the various games and social tournament infrastructure which users can enjoy daily! KYC and onramp / offramp provision collaborates with 3rd Parties make ROVI.money as a first preference for the users.

Come join us in the mission.